Are you on the search for a new set of Lacrosse Shoulder Pads?  

Well, if you are, you have come to the right place. Today, I am talking lacrosse shoulder pad reviews.lacrosse checks

Buying new pads is tough…

I know that! And because of that, I have done the research on tons of sets of shoulder pads and came up with quite the list of reviews for you all to file through to make a confident purchase soon after.

These Reviews Should Answer all of Your Questions…

  • Are these pads low profile?

  • Will they give me the protection I need?

  • Are these pads for my position? 

  • dollarWill these pads be suitable for my level of play?

  • What are other players saying about them?

  • How much value will I get out from my dollar? 

And if you have any other questions, let me know! I will do everything I can to chase down the answers for you.

Here’s how the Reviews Will Look:

  • Product Name – 
  • Manufacturer Hype – 

Sometimes the manufacturing companies will provide some honest, quality information. Other times, all that they write up for their gear is “hype,” to get you to buy.

In this section I will list what the manufacturers had to say about their products, but REMEMBER, this could potentially just be some sales hype. That’s why the section on “What the players are saying about these pads” is very important.

  • Player Type – Skill level, as well as recommended position.
  • Available Sizes – Here is a chart for some reference…
Lacrosse shoulder pad sizing chart

Sizing Chart via

  • What the Players are Saying about these Pads – 

This section is where I have compiled all the possible player feedback I could. I always find player recommendations the best for making a decision on buying new gear, because who else would you want to hear from?

  • Overall Value – A final value statement on the pads, along with a price and a place to go purchase them if you so choose.

Okay, let’s get into it! Happy Reviewing! 

Our Extensive List of Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Reviews:lacrosse shots

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Reviews for Attack:


Maverik M3 Speed Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype: maverik m3 lacrosse shoulder pad review

  • 37.5 Technology Mesh Liner – Intended to evaporate sweat faster, and keep you cool longer.
  • Adjustable ComfortFIT Arch – This allows for some personalization to the fit and protection with your pads.
  • Anaform Technology – Technology that is intended to up protection without sacrificing flexibility or mobility.
  • Wide Straps Wrap the Pad Around the Body –
  • Arch/Shoulder/Collar Bone Adjustment – Further personalization of your fit and protection with the adjustments here.
  • Raised Inner Padding Lining – Minimizes the touch points on the skin.
  • DuraStretch – Designed with DuraStretch, which means that these pads should bend with the body very well, and on top of that give you good air flow.
  • No Dangling Straps –

For a little extra taste of the Maverik M3 Speed Pad, check the video below…

Player Type: Advanced/Attack –

These pads are made for the “speed” players on the field. These are designed with enough protection, but not too much to take away from mobility and flexibility of the player.

Available Sizes: Large, Medium maverik m3 speed lacrosse shoulder pad review

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Neck Hole a Bit Small –

One review I came across commented on the small size of the neck hole. They recommended players under 150 lbs. and 6’0’’ should be perfect for these pads. Upwards of those measurements, maybe you should consider another set.

  • Not Many Reviews, But Good Ones –

Overall Value:$84.99 off of 

I would of liked to have a bit more player feedback with these pads, but feedback aside, I feel these pads would really do the job for a high level attacking player.

These pads are decked out with special features, they aren’t priced too high, and I think these will only become more popular.

STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: STX Stallion HD lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • Built with “High Def Polymer” – This material is suppose to take away moisture, and keep your pads from picking up excessive odor.
  • Dynamic Fit System – This “fit system” anchors the pad around the player’s core, which in turn most works with the player’s natural movements.
  • Perforated Mesh Liner – This liner was designed for optimum lightweight breathability.
  • Reinforced Collarbone Protection –
  • Removeable/Adjustable Bicep Pad –
  • Removeable Air Zone – The “Air Zone” can be removed to adjust for your prefered comfort level if you feel you need more ability to move or not.
  • Extended Back and Stomach Protection –
  • New Velcro Technology – New velcro that won’t snag on pennies, will last longer and will not be a distraction.

Get another look at the STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads via some video below…

Player Type: Advanced Level – Attack –

These pads are perfect for middies and true attackers who find themselves taking slash checks to the back and stomach.

I toss in the “advanced level,” because these pads are quite the investment. However, from what I could gather, it seems as if they would be worth every penny.

They will give you the level of protection you need, without adding any excessive bulk.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Reliable Pads without the Bulk –

From the reviews that I came across, players who are using these pads say they are getting the protection they need without feeling any bulk whatsoever.

  • Natural Feel –

From the sounds of things, these pads move the way you move. It has been said that the most “natural feel” comes after you have played a few games in the pads.

  • A Few Different Ways to Strap them Up –

This was a really interesting point. One player said these pads have multiple different ways to be strapped up. They really enjoyed that feature because it gave them freedom to choose which system would be most comfortable for their style of play.

  • These Pads Give Low Abdomen Protection –

These pads will protect you all the way down to your mid-abdomen. That’s good news for those of you who take their fair share of slashes.

  • Sizes Run Small? – STX Stallion Hd lacrosse shoulder pad review

One player who came in at 6’4’’, 220 lbs. said the extra-large size was too tight along his lower rib cage. However, he still really seemed to love the pads. So much so, he later stated he planned to extend the strap along the back to get the fit he wanted.

If you were a fan of the STX Assault Pads, the Stallion HD are very similar, however, they are have been said to be a “step up.”

Overall Value: $169.99 off of 

The STX Stallion HD shoulder pads may be top of line for protection right now. These pads have been built out from the previously successful STX Assault pads, and have been made even better.

They do come with quite the price tag, but sometimes you have to pay for quality.

These pads come highly recommended from the players who have used them in the past, they will give you a true, natural feel during the speed of play, and hold up to harder slashes and checks.

If you are looking for the best out there, there are not many other pads that beat out the STX Stallion HD pads.

STX Shadow Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: STX Shadow Lacrosse shoulder pad review

  • Ultra Low Profile Protection – This allows for maximum freedom of movement and optimum flexibility.
  • Constructed with Plus Foam Technology –
  • Interior silicone Nubs – This feature is intended to reduce any potential “slippage.”
  • Full-Length Spandex Sleeve – The sleeve is intended to give a more natural, comfortable fit to your body.
  • Adjustable Position of Shoulder Pad – This feature is here to provide an adjustment for your particular chest size.
  • Removable Arm Pads –
  • Hybrid Between Liner and Traditional Shoulder Pad –
  • Stretch Zones in the Side of the Pad – Another feature added in to give you the best possible fit.

Want another look at the STX Shadow shoulder pads? Check the video below…via

Player Type: Mid Level to Advanced Players – Attack

These STX Shadow shoulder pads are perfect for the player who wants to find a middle ground in between the traditional shoulder pad, and the shoulder pad liner.

That’s how these pads were designed, with a little more protection than traditional liners, but still the hard to beat range of motion that liners will be able to give you.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • So Lightweight You Can Barely Feel Them –

From what feedback I have gather from players, STX seems to have done well with the weight of the Shadow pads. Light enough to where they won’t bother or distract your play in the slightest.

  • True to Size –

From the looks of things, you should buy the size that you normally get. From player reports these pads don’t run too small or too big.

  • 5’11’’, 135 lb. Player Fit a Large Perfectly –

Just for some direction, one player shared their measurements for some help in picking the right size for yourself.

  • Easily Adjustable – STX Shadow Lacrosse shoulder pads

There are all sorts of ways to adjust these pads to get the best possible fit for yourself in game.

  • Not Bothered by the Conditions, Quick Dry Pads –

One previous buyer said these pads will dry out for you super quick if you happen to play in the rain or snow.

  • Great Freedom of Motion –

These pads seem to provide an awesome range of motion for you during play. If you have put up with bulky pads in the past, these may be calling your name.

  • Arm Sleeves are Questionable –

Some players reported that the arm sleeves were a little too tight and they would have preferred some pads placed there instead.

Overall Value:$134.99 off of 

The STX Shadow lacrosse pads are definitely on the ‘short list’ for best shoulder pads on the market. 

They are given some serious care in the design, with a number of latest technology like features playing a role. These pads have a good collection of player reviews and feedback, which is always reassuring and less common with shoulder pads. And finally, they should be as light as a feather for you, letting you play your game with little distraction from your protection.

I give this STX Shadow lacrosse pads a high recommendation, and would not turn away any advanced level attack-man from picking up a pair themselves.

Nike Vapor Shoulder Pads 

Manufacturer Hype: Nike Vapor Lacrosse shoulder pads review

  • Ultra-Lightweight Shoulder Protection –
  • Low-Profile Shoulder Caps, Sitting Level with the Body –
  • Hard Plastic on Chest Plate –
  • Stretch Zones Placed Throughout the Pads for Highest Level of Comfort –
  • Removable Central Air Chamber on Chest Area
  • Adjustable Velcro Sizing Straps

Player Type: Advanced – Attack

These are pads, not “liners” so they offer a little more protection. However, these are by no means “heavy on protection” pads, so they are more so fit for you if you play on the offensive end.

Available Sizes: Large, Medium

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $129.99 off of

These pads are at a ‘high end’ price, but it’s difficult to give you complete confidence in making a purchase here as there is no existing player feedback on them.

Although Nike will usually put out high quality gear, these pads are a little “untested.”

Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype: Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad

  • Compression Molded Foam – Intended to absorbs high impact, while remaining extremely light.
  • Grid-Flex Pattern with Adjusted Silhouette – Intended to increase your level of comfort as well as protection.
  • Ventilator Liner – Designed to keep you and your pads dry.
  • Modeled After the LoPro Line –

Player Type: Mid Level/Advanced – Attack

These Brine shoulder pads were designed for speed players. They give you suitable protection, a bit more protection than a liner, but are not intended in the slightest to restrict your level of mobility. 

They carry a mid-range price as well, so the investment is not to massive. Brine Clutch mid shoulder pads

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Sorry, No Current Player Feedback –

 Overall Value: $80.00 off of 

 These pads seem like a really good set from Brine, but that always becomes tough to tell when there is not a huge collection of good reviews to look from. 

If you really like Brine, if you liked the LoPro series, then you may be more ready than most to give these a try.

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Reviews for Midfielders:

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad Liner

Manufacturer Hype: STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad liner review

  • Cardiac Silhouette Coverage –
  • Raised Chest Plate –
  • 7-Point Stretch Zone System – Intended to offer full range mobility.
  • Completely Redesigned from the Cell 2 Series –
  • Lightweight Protection –
  • Low Profile, High Flex and Mobility – This liner was made for utmost flexibility and mobility.

Player Type: Advanced – Defense/Midfield –

Being a “liner,” protection is compromised a bit for optimum mobility and flexibility. That being said, these are meant for the less-physically attacking players, and advanced players who know what they are risking by playing with less protection.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Used at the Collegiate Level –

One of the reviews I came across was from a collegiate level player, and he seemed to really love these pads. That’s reassuring to hear that these STX pads can stand up to very high levels of play.

  • Perfect Form Fit on the Shoulder –

This liner will be a huge improvement if you have been playing with bulky pads that you can’t seem to get comfortable with.

  • Uncomfortable Velcro Pad on Inside – 

Overall Value: $99.99 off of 

From the looks of things, STX made a dramatic improvement on the Cell 3 series after the Cell 2 had some clear faults.

This liner can be used at the highest levels of play, it should fit like an absolute glove, and you will get all the mobility and flexibility you need. I have to attach a high recommendation for the STX Cell 3 liner, and elite level defensive players, if you are reading this, you won’t be disappointed making an investment in this liner.

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype: STX Cell 3 Shoulder pad review

  • Cardiac Silhouette Coverage –
  • Raised Chest Plate –
  • Pre-Formed Shoulder Caps – These were designed to provide a fit that feels most natural to your body structure.
  • 7-Point Stretch Zone System – Intended to offer full range mobility.
  • Completely Redesigned from the Cell 2 Series –
  • Lightweight Protection –
  • Removable Arm Pieces –
  • Softer Exo-Skeleton from Cell 2 Series –
  • Rib Straps with Slim Padding – Apparently, the new padding along the rib straps adds some much needed protection to the rib cage but without adding any bulk.
  • New Lower Profile Sternum Protector –
  • New “Flex” Points Up Through the Shoulder –

For another look at the STX Cell 3 Padding Line, watch the video below via

Player Type: Advanced Level – Midfield/Defenseman –

These are full blown pads. That being said, with the added protection, there will be a bit of added weight. These are pads meant for players who want real, lightweight protection.

I see this fitting perfectly for the LSM, the more defensive minded middies, and the attack leaning defenseman.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

What Players Say About These Pads:STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad

  • Not a Ton of Information Available –

The STX Cell 3 Series is very new. With that in mind, I didn’t expect to gather a ton of customer feedback, although there was some.

  • Great Sternum Protection – 

The Raised Chest Plate seems to be providing the protection necessary, while as well providing the airflow necessary. Players are feeling protected using these pads, but not overwhelmed.

  • “Feels like you are wearing nothing” –

This is a quote I pulled from one of the reviews I came across. From the sounds of things, these pads will give you the protection needed, but not weigh you down.

Overall Value: $119.99 off of 

STX has really stepped it up with the Cell 3 Series. So far, although there has not been a mess of feedback coming up, the comments I have seen, have all seemed pretty good. Although you may be taking a small risk picking up these rather “untested” pads, the liner of this series has been received really well, and I feel more likely than not, the outcome will be the same with the full blown pads.

These pads are priced at the “higher end,” and therefore, these are for serious players who are ready and willing to make larger investments on their gear.

Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad

Manufacturer Hype: Maverik Rome NXT speed pad review

  • DuraStretch Material – This material is intended to give maximum flex and airflow while maintaining durability.
  • SharkGel – “Strategically placed” in the positions that will take the most impact throughout the game.
  • Tapered Gussets Design – This design follows the natural bends of the arms.
  • Proprietary Technology – This tech makes the pad harden on impact, yet remain soft during the course of the game to maintain flexibility.
  • X-Foam – Intended to create a flow through ventilation shoulder pad.
  • Anaform Technology – An advanced molding process that constructs customized seamless padding for high flexibility.
  • Shaved 23% off of Weight from Previous Rome Pad –
  • Adjustable Side Straps – 

For another look at the Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad, check the video below:

Player Type: Advanced Level – Midfielder 

The Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad is perfect for the midfielder who wants less bulk during play, but still some reliable protection. 

Again, advanced players should be the only ones considering slimming down their protection, as they will know better what risks they are taking. 

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Perfect for the Midfielder –

From the players who left some feedback about these pads, they said they were perfect for the midfielder who was looking for a more compact, yet still protective set of pads. Does that sound like you?

  • Clips Are Easier to Adjust than Velcro – maverik rome NXT speed pad

The clips that come along with the Maverik Speed Pad seems to be preferred to the velcro that comes with other pads.

  • Lightweight –

If you are looking for some seriously lightweight protection, the Maverik speed pad may be perfect for you. Players who have used the pads before, say the weight difference was easily noticeable.

Overall Value: $109.99 off of  

I highly recommend the Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad. This pad comes with a whole mess of special features, and comes highly recommended from players who have used it in the past.

The price tag isn’t the highest I have seen, but the quality of this speed pad rivals any other, and I think it would be an awesome purchase for the midfield player looking for slim, effective protection.

Brine King IV Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype:  Brine king Iv mid lacrosse shoulder pad review

  • Grid Flex Technology – Intended to give you huge range of motion and flexibility.
  • Compression Molded –
  • Ventilator Moisture Management –
  • Aligns Well with Your Body During Play – These pads were designed to make you not feel like you are wearing any pads at all.
  • Extra Sternum Protection – The sternum piece on the Brine King IV pads was reinforced for added protection.
  • Low Profile Design – These pads were designed with the most protection possible while using the least material.
  • New Shoulder Pad Design – The new shoulder pad design is suppose to make these pads lighter and faster.
  • Removable Upper Arm Pads –

For a different look at the Brine King IV Pads, watch the video below:

Player Type: Mid level/Advanced – Midfielder

These pads are designed to give you a free-flowing style of play. They were designed to be for faster movements, with players who wanted a lighter, lower profile protection. 

These would suit the midfielder position players well. These pads do not go too low on protection, so you are giving up some area there, but they should do the job perfectly for a midfielder who plays a very dynamic style.

Available Sizes: Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • You Don’t Notice Wearing Them, Very Low Profile –

These pads seem to be extremely lightweight, and players take notice, oBrine King IV mid lacrosse shoulder pads r I guess they don’t take notice because they feel like they are not even wearing anything!

  • Extremely Protective –

Players have been really satisfied with the level of protection, there has not been a fault in the armor mentioned.

  • Highly Recommended – 

Players who have used these pads loved them, in fact, in a few of the reviews, they said they would recommend this set of Brine pads to anybody!

  • Awesome Look –

Players really like Black/Blue set of Brine King IV pads, and I’ll admit, I do too.

Overall Value: $120.00 off of 

These pads are high quality, and would be a really good investment for any midfielder maybe even defenseman who decides to scoop them up.

There were a good amount of reviews, with players giving tons of positive feedback, so that always adds in some extra confidence into making a purchase.

Brine King V Mid Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype: Brine King V Shoulder Pad review

  • NEW NEW NEW, The Brine King V is New for 2015 –
  • Multi-Pieced Build –
  • Aeroshield foam – In combination with the multi-pieced build, the aeroshield foam provides a perfect balance in fit and protection. This keeps the flexibility level high as well.
  • New Arch Tech Shoulder – Maximum impact absorption in the shoulder area.
  • Skylight Sternum and Spine – Impact absorption on the chest and back area.
  • Ventilator Fresh Liner – Intended to keep you cool in-game and keep your pads odor free.
  • Will be Worn by MLL Players in 2015 –
  • Weighs 16 Oz. –

Take another look at the Brine King V Mid Pads, via some video via Lax.comTv:

Player Type: Advanced Level – Midfielder –

These pads have been made perfectly for the dynamic midfield player. They are intended to be super light weight and give you tons of mobility.

This Brine King V shoulder pad set is intended to give you the feel of wearing nothing, while still providing suitable level of protection. 

They are priced at the higher end, so if you are a player ready to invest in their gear, you might be in the market for the Brine King V pads.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

These Pads are too New! No Current Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $119.99 off of

These Brine King V shoulder pads seem to be the real deal. Although the lacking feedback makes them feel untested, I expected not to be able to dig anything up since they are new for 2015. 

These are elite level pads, they are super lightweight, and they should be perfect for you midfielders out there. If you are willing to put down an investment for some gear, and you don’t mind testing out these pads for yourself, I think you could be deeply satisfied with your purchase.

These pads just look awesome too.

Warrior Evo Hitlyte Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: Warrior Evo Hitlyte review

  • New for 2015
  • Intended for All-Around Performance – These pads were designed for the perfect balance of comfort, weight and protection.
  • New D30 Aero Impact Foam in the Shoulder and Sternum – This foam is intended to give you maximum protection with a lower profile.
  • New Cage FLX Bib System – This will give you comfort through flex and form fit.
  • VPS Foam Integration – Added in for optimum airflow.
  • Segmented Padding Up the Shoulder –
  • Two-Timer Strap System on Shoulder – Available to personalize your fit.
  • Velcro Fasteners –
  • Bone Protection in Shoulders – 

Grab another look at the Warrior Evo Hitlyte Pads via some video from

Player Type: Advanced Only! – Midfielders

These pads are designed for the all-around player. They will give you the right amount of protection, but still be comfortable enough and minimally distracting, not to distract you from play. 

They come with a heavy price tag, so these pads are just about at the highest end of the spectrum. You can expect quality, but you need to be serious about your gear to consider dropping the dollars for these Warrior Evo Hitlyte pads.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large 

What Players Say About These Pads:

No Current Feedback Available – (Too New!) 

Overall Value: $159.99 off of

To seriously consider these pads, you need to be very confident that you are a fan of Warrior’s protection. These are coming in a bit untested, with no player feedback yet, and that’s always something that you should be aware of.

Do I think these pads are of an elite level? Absolutely. However, the huge investment in these and lacking customer feedback would make me a bit cautious in your position. If you are confident in Warrior however, go after these, I doubt you would be disappointed with such a high-end shoulder pad.

Warrior Rabil Hitlyte 13

Manufacturer Hype: Warrior Rabil 13 Lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • CAGE System Construction with VPS Foam – Intended to give you maximum air flow, as well as increased flexibility throughout the whole pad, without giving up any protection.
  • Clear Shoulder Caps – Extremely low profile, the caps break and move the way your shoulder moves.
  • Increased Flexibility – You will get full rotation on your shots, giving you more power behind every throw.
  • Improved Sternum Protection – Increased chest protection.
  • Designed with the help of Paul Rabil, Made for a Pro –
  • Moves With the Body During Passing, Shooting, Typical Play –
  • Detachable Deltoid Pads –

Watch this video with Paul Rabil talking about his pads here:

Player Type: Advanced Players – Midfielders/Defenseman 

These pads are high-end, and they come with a high-end price tag as well. That being said, advanced players, players who are making larger investments in their gear are the only ones who should be considering this Rabil liner.

These are full mobility pads, making them perfect for the middie or defenseman willing to sacrifice a little protection for greater range of motion. 

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Most Expensive Liner – The Rabil liner is high quality, but also highly expensive.
  • Extremely Lightweight –

This pad is extremely lightweight, most players who have used it say they barely even notice it during the course of play.

  • Awesome Look –

Players are always talking about the awesome look to these pads and I definitely have to agree.

  • Super Flexible – Warrior Rabil 13

This liner will give you a huge range of motion. You will surely notice if you have been playing with some bulkier gear in the past.

  • Breathable –

This liner gives players the airflow that they need to stay cool and dry during games.

  • “Weak” Sternum Pad –

One user reported that after 1.5 seasons, they had their sternum pad break during U13 play. This is only one instance, but if that alarms you enough, maybe consider another set. 

Overall Value: $115.00 at 

This liner from Warrior and Paul Rabil is most certainly on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, and from the majority of the reviews I gathered, it seems to be of high quality as well.

 Although there are certainly other speed pads that have greater recommendations, and lower prices, if you are a Paul Rabil fan, you trust Warrior, you might give these pads another consideration.

STX K18 Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: STX K18 lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • Redesigned Chest and Back Padding for Max Protection of Upper Torso –
  • Adjustable Torso Straps –
  • Adjustable/Removable Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps –
  • Additional Elevated Chest Plate –
  • Removable Air Zone –
  • Strategic Reinforcement of Chest Area – Intended to provide extra sternum protection.
  • Designed Inspired by Kyle Harrison –

Listen to Kyle Harrison talk a little bit about his line of STX pads, via video below:

Player Type: Entry Level / Mid Level – All Positions

From the looks of things, these pads could work for any position. Although, being inspired by Kyle Harrison, maybe the middies out there would find these pads best suited to their style of play.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Taken a Step Back –

One review I filed through said that the K18 line has “taken a step down” from previous models.

  • Great for Entry Level Players –

Some higher level players who have used the K18s before said they are made more for the entry level player.

  • Not Much Information –

Overall Value:$80.00 off of 

These pads are advertised to be for the “competitive” player, but from the reviews that I saw, they seemed to be more appropriate for beginners.

That being said, if you are a beginner looking for some pads, there have been some higher rated models that I think you should check out before considering the STX K18s. For instance, take a look at the Warrior Adrenaline pads.

Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype:  Brine LoPro Superlight shoulder pad reviews

  • Completely Compression Molded – Intended to add protection while keeping the pads lightweight.
  • ABS Shoulder Caps – Serving a similar job to the compression mold, keeping the pads light, while giving you sufficient protection.
  • Removable Arm Straps –
  • Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps –
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps – Intended to let you personalize your fit as much as possible.

Get another look at the Brine LoPro Superlight Pads via video below:

Player Type: Mid Level/Advanced – Defender/Middies 

These pads are great for the mid-level/advanced defenseman or midfielder. They give you much more protection than a typical liner or speed pad, to protect you from hard shots.

Although, they should not be limiting your play in anyway, as they are built with a lightweight, non-restrictive design, making them perfect for the dynamic midfielder. 

Available Sizes: Small, Medium

 What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Extremely Lightweight –

For full blown pads, players are still saying the Brine LoPro pads feeling like nothing. You won’t hardly realize you are wearing them.Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Pads

  • The Large Runs a Little Small –

If you are a bigger player, you may find these pads a bit tight. One player (6’1’’, 160 lbs.) reported back saying these pads were a bit tight around the arms. However, he didn’t find that too bothersome, and rated these LoPro pads highly anyways.

  • Arm Straps Bothersome, But Can Be Removed – 

Some players were bothered by the arm straps when first picking up a pair of these pads, but most ended up just removing them anyways and went on their way.

  • Lower Protection on the Shoulder, Recommended for Defense and Midfield ONLY! –

These pads are not made for attacking players. They lack the proper shoulder protection, so if you play attack, check out another set.

  • Durable, Long Lasting –

Players said they have used these pads through countless rainy, wet games, taking plenty of shots, and these pads are still working for them.

  • Molds to Your Body –

Players have reported back saying better than most sets of pads, these Brine LoPro pads will mold to your body after a few solid hours of working them in.

  • Perfect on Rib Padding –

The players who are using these pads commented to say that the rib protection was something they were really please with.

  • Tons of Feedback –

As you can see, players are really talking about these pads. And the majority of them, only have good things to say!

Overall Value: $90.00  on  

These pads come highly recommended from players and that’s always what is most important for me in writing up a review for you all.

 With that in mind, the Brine LoPro Shoulder pads get an extremely positive review from me, and I feel completely confident recommending these to any middie or defenseman looking for protective, lightweight gear.

They come at a very reasonable price as well, neglecting to hit the over $100 mark. These are one of my favorite sets of pads so far.

Nike Vapor LT Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: Nike Vapor LT Shoulder pad reviews

  • Built-In Central Air Chamber for Chest Area –
  • Adjustable Upper Torso Straps –
  • Lightweight Shoulder Protection –
  • Internal, Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps – Intended to give greater protection to the shoulder.

Player Type: Youth/ Mid Level – All Positions

With the price on these pads, Nike created this line for the more advanced youth players/mid level players. 

For a youth level pad, typically they can be used for any and all positions, and that is the case with the Nike Vapor LT set.

Available Sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large 

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $64.99 off of

These Nike Vapor LT pads are definitely priced at the low end of the spectrum. That being said, they may be a good pickup for youth players not looking to put down a huge investment on gear yet.

There is not much that has been reported back on these pads from players before, so that’s something to be a little cautious about. Personally, I think there are some more “for sure” options for youth level players, pads with some collected feedback, and I will product an article about that subject in the future.

These pads did make it on’s Top Shoulder Pads for 2014…give them a look here: 

Under Armour Player SS SP Liner

Manufacturer Hype: Under Armour Player SS Liner review

  • “Molded Skin” Technology – This feature is intended to reduce the weight of the pads and improve flexibility.
  • “Heat Gear” Liner Technology – This will keep moisture away from the skin, keeping you and the pads dry.
  • High Impact Triple Density Foam – This foam adds protection while reducing weight.
  • Low Profile, Ultra-Thin Design –
  • Fully Adjustable Straps – These straps will improve your fit, and give you extra flexibility.
  • Pivot Points at the Collar Bone and Base of Ribs –

Player Type: Mid-Level/Advanced – Midfielders

This speed pad is meant to be for advanced level players, but it carries a super low price right now.

Midfielders interesting in a lighter set of pads, with added mobility, take a look here.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available – 

Overall Value: $24.99 off of

With no current player feedback, and the extremely low price, it’s hard not to think the value of these pads could be questionable. 

However, if you decide to take a risk on them and prove me wrong, go for it! And please let me know how you like them!

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Reviews for Defensemen:

Brine LoPro Superlight MID Pads

Manufacturer Hype: Brine LoPro Superlight Lacrosse Pad review

  • Similar to the Full LoPro Pads, but FASTER – In the design process with these pads, Brine took what players have loved about the LoPro full set and made them faster.
  • Very Low Profile Design –
  • Lighter than Most Liner Pads on the Market –
  • Grid Flex Technology – The Grid Flex Tech is designed to keep these pads moving with your body as naturally as possible.

Check out the video below via for another look at theBrine LoPro Superlight Mid Pads:

Player Type: Advanced Only – Defenseman

 These pads are built to be super light, but will not give you the highest level of protection. If you are a player who is taking a lot of hits, but you want a super light set of pads, maybe take a look at the full set!

These pads will be great for a defenseman who is looking to lighten up their gear, and is confident going into a game with less protection. 

Available Sizes: Medium

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Meant for Players Who DON’T Take Hits –

These pads are built extremely lightweight and you should be aware that they will sacrifice some protection for you.

  • Does Well in All Types of Weather – Brine LoPro Mid Superlight pads grey

These pads don’t seem to soak up water all too well, so that means you will stay light and dry when weather conditions are not ideal.

  • Grid Flex Technology Gives These Pads a Natural Feel –

The Grid Flex Technology on these pads will give them a real natural feel, aligning really well to how your body will move throughout a game.

  • Incredibly Lightweight –

Players are extremely impressed with how lightweight these pads are and how noticeable it was from the moment they put them on.

Overall Value:  $75.00 off of 

I really like these Brine LoPro Mid Pads, they are built extremely light, and are made to give you great range of motion during play.

However, if you are looking for more protection in your next set of pads, I would suggest you take a look at the Full set of Brine LoPro pads which I wrote up above.

For a player who is willing to take the risk lowering their protection, these pads are not the steepest investment but have been received really well by players thus far. I have to give these a solid recommendation.

Nike Vapor Liner

Manufacturer Hype: Nike Vapor Liner review

  • Ultra Light Shoulder Protection –
  • Low-Profile Shoulder Caps, Sitting Level to the Body –
  • Removable Central Air Chamber – This can give you an even lighter, more comfortable feel, but again, be cautious, this sacrifices some protection.
  • “Strategically Placed” Hard Plastic on Chest Plate –
  • Stretch Zones Placed Throughout for Optimum Comfort –

Player Type: Elite Level Player – Defense

 As this is just a “liner” you need to be aware that protection will be sacrNike Vapor linerificed a bit for mobility. That’s why these are made for attacking players (players who avoid more of the physical play) and elite level players (players who understand the potential risk in sacrificing protection).

Available Sizes: Large, Medium

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $109.00 on

Without any real customer feedback, it’s hard to give you any “real” recommendation. Although they seem like a quality product, without some players validating that, you are buying with some risk

Warrior Regulator Ultralyte

Manufacturer Hype: Warrior Regulator Ultralyte Liner

  • IMPAX Molded Foam Technology – This padding technology is suppose to be the “best-in-class” for impact absorption in key areas of shoulder and chest.
  • Bone Protection in Shoulder Area –
  • SlimBib Fit – This feature is intended to make for better playability, more movement and overall lacking distraction from the protection. These pads are simply thrown over head and fastened with two side velcro straps, very easy to get on and off.
  • WARTECH Liner – Made to keep you dry.
  • Weighs 14.1 Oz. –

Get another look at the Warrior Regulator line via some video below:

Player Type: Advanced, Elite Level Players / Defenseman –

The Warrior “Ultralyte” will give the protection necessary in key areas, but you are definitely sacrificing your protection for total mobility. If you are interested in some of the lightWarrior Regulator Speed pad review est protection you can find, this might be where you need to look.

Players aware to the risks in playing with less protection should be the only ones considering the Warrior Regulator Ultralyte protection.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $70.00 off of 

The Warrior Regulator Ultralyte pads seem to be great, lightweight protection. However, the player feedback on these pads is really lacking, and because of that, you may be taking a risk on picking these up.

If you have been a fan of Warrior pads in the past, you are in the market for lightweight protection, and you don’t mind trying out a piece of gear that is a little “untested,” the Ultralyte set may be the choice for you.

Brine Triumph 2 SP Liner

Manufacturer Hype: Brine Triumph 2 Sp Liner review

  • “AeroShield” Technology – This covers both the shoulder and the sternum, all intended to aid in the absorption of tough collisions.
  • Mesh Jacket – The mesh jacket will give you both protection and ventilation.
  • Advanced Strap System –  Intended to give you the best possible personalized fit.
  • Moisture Wicking Liner –

Player Type: Advanced – Defender 

These pads have been quoted to feel like you are wearing nothing. If you are a D Pole looking for some ultra lightweight padding, the Brine Triumph 2 Speed Pad may be what you need. 

Of course you are sacrificing some coverage, but if you are an advanced player you will know what you can and can’t handle.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Not Much Available Information –

Currently, there is not too much feedback for these speed pads.

  • Velcro Won’t Wear –Brine Triumph 2 Liner

The velcro on these Brine Triumph 2 speed pads seems to hold up pretty well from what players are reporting.

  • Protection in Needed Areas – 

Speed pads are always lighter on the protection, but these seem to give you the needed protection in critical areas. Players are feeling confident wearing this set.

  • Super Light Fit –

If you are looking for light protection, you can’t go too wrong here. 

Overall Value: $45.00 off of

The Brine Triumph 2 Speed Pad seems to be an awesome pick for any advanced d pole looking to slim down on their coverage for the sake of weight and mobility.

These have not collected a ton of feedback, but the feedback I have read through states that these are doing the job for players who are using them now.

With this price right now, it’s hard to turn these Brine speed pads down. 

STX Assault Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: STX Assault lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • High Def Polymer Material – The Polymer material will not soak up rain or swet. This keeps the pad light throughout the game, and you dry.
  • Moisture-Wicking Mesh Liner – This liner, in combination with the Polymer material will keep your pads dry and odorless.
  • Adjustable/Removable Bicep Pads –
  • Multidimensional Design for Freedom of Movement – All the pads are seperate pieces, this gives you maximum mobility during play. 

Get another look at the STX Assault Pads via below:

Player Type: Mid Level/Advanced – All Positions

These pads will seem to suit any position. That’s what I have gathered from mthe stack of reviews that I could find. There has not seem to be “one position” for these pads.

Plain and simple, the STX Assault Pads are a full set of pads, with that being said, these are going to be perfect for the player who wants a good amount of protection going into a game. 

Available Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large 

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Extremely Non-Absorbent Material –

The STX Assault pads won’t absorb sweat, or water. Players say they stay dry, and their pads don’t stink!

  • Very Lightweight –  STX Assault Lacrosse shoulder pads

For a full set of pads, players are saying that these STX Assault pads do not weigh them down to be bothersome.

  • Breathable – 

These pads don’t feel too overwhelming. Players say they feel like they have a very liberal range of motion with these pads, and that they are comfortable to play in. Players made note to mention that there are NO restrictions in the upper body area.

  • Lacking Collarbone Protection –

This is one point of concern, but not all players thought this. In fact, some players responded to this question that they felt protected in the collar bone, the problem they felt others had was because of purchasing the wrong size.

  • Pads Run a Bit Small –

This sort of ties into the last point, but from what I have gathered, these pads seem to run a bit small. Make sure you are getting the right size, because you can sacrifice some protection if you buy wrong fitting pads.

  • Poke and Slap Checks Feel Like Nothing –

Players say the protection on these pads are phenomenal. Checks feel like nothing with the STX Assault pads.

Overall Value: $80.00 off of 

These STX Assault padsare highly recommended by players and some parents alike. They seem to provide adequate protection, although there is some question with the collar bone, and they are priced pretty well right now at $80.00.

If you are looking for a full set of pads, with good protection, while still being lightweight. The STX Assault pads would be a good investment.


That’s the list of reviews I have for you!

If you have any further questioning, don’t see a set of pads up here that you want some more info or, or just want to say hello, always feel free to email us, or reach out on twitter!

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