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On this page you will find a continuously growing list of defense lacrosse shaft reviews you need to know about. Yes, some of these products didn’t make it on to our “OneStopLacrosse Top 3” on our main lacrosse shaft review page. It’s not that the shafts listed on this page are mediocre, it’s just our “Top 3” is based completely on our how confident we are in you buying one of those handles and completely loving it.

We still continue to stand by the same principle!

We do not give write ups for products that we would not want you purchasing! 

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All these defense lacrosse shafts listed here are of high quality, some are little more untested, some a are a little more of an investment, but we think after reading through our reviews you can make a wise choice as to which handle is best for you.

Let’s get into it! Professional Lacrosse Defender

Things to Consider When Picking A Defensive Shaft: 

  • DURABILITY – This should be top priority for a a serious defender looking for their next shaft. You need a shaft that is going to stand up to tough checks (throwing checks I mean), and give you a real presence on the defensive end of the field.
  • Strong…but Lightweight – Everybody on the field needs to have somewhat of a light shaft. Defenders are responsible for making quick stick movements all game. As you saw on our main lax shaft page, Kyle Sorensen of the Vancouver Stealth, says he prefers “something on the lighter side as a defender, so I can get to hands faster.” 
  • Reliable Grip – As a defender you are always tested the grip of your shaft. Throwing checks and looking to block shots and passes is going to put the strength of your hands to the test. A reliable grip definitely changes meaning from player to player, but it is something to pay attention to.

Our Defense Lacrosse Shaft Reviews:

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Maverik H2 Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik H2 defense shaft reviewSpecs-

  • Maverik “Tactile Grip” – The grip was laid as a solid checkerboard at the bottom end of the handle and fades to be less and less present as you move up the shaft.
  • H2 Titanium Scandium – This material was used to design the lightest, but still strongest shaft possible.
  • Concave Shape – This adds a great amount of grip to the shaft. The concave design is a favorite of many because of how easy it makes finding good finger placement. Maverik H2 defense shaft review
  • 4 oz.
  • Available in Carolina Blue, Black, Green, Gunmetal and Silver Colors

Player level/type –

This shaft is boasted to be perfect for all different levels of play, all the way from junior high defensemen up until the collegiate defensemen. Maverik made this shaft ready to withstand high levels of physical play, and from what we have seen and been able to dig up with some diligent research, the hype is real. We love this shaft and feel it can serve a wide range of players.

Pros –

  • Durable Shaft – Don’t let the fact of the price at $89.95 sway you from thinking this is a high quality shaft. A number of laxers reported using this shaft for 2-3 years before they had a break or bend that finished it off. That’s quite the lifespan there, especially for the price.
  • Scratches on the Paint yes, Dents…Less Likely – Lots of laxers said they could get through full seasons without getting a single dent on their Maverik H2.
  • Cheaper than a lot of other less quality models – This is HUGELY important. This should be the selling point right here. We are filing through review after review that have said players were able to get 3 solid seasons out of this shaft. Many of these higher price shafts have been reported to fold after 1, maybe 2.
  • Will hold up to high levels of play! – Wide ranges of players use this shaft. We read through reports of high school JV players loving this shaft as well as collegiate players using this shaft year after year. This handle is dynamic and can be used in elite levels of play.
  • This Shaft Breaks Other Shafts – What type of defender are you? Would you find joy in laying a check so hard your opponent’s shaft snapped? Well, if you are that type of player, you will be happy to know a number of laxers (NOT JUST ONE), have reported breaking an opponents shaft with a check using their Maverik H2. For those of you who pick this shaft up, attackers beware.

    Image from

  • Great Grip, No Tape Needed – The use of tape with this shaft seems to be up to personal preference. If you aren’t one for using tape and need a shaft with some sort of substantial grip, the Maverik H2 seems to have given other laxers like you enough grip to do the job. Repeat Buyers – A lot of the reviews we came across were from second time buyers. That’s a huge signal that with the H2 Maverik is doing something right. If it’s good enough to where someone has no interest in trying something else, you should feel pretty confident about giving it your first try.
  • Dynamic – The Maverik was created with all levels of play in mind. See what I mean with this video courtesy of


  • Paint Scratches off – It seems to be pretty difficult to find a lot of shafts that don’t lose a bit of paint now and again. It really depends how important the looks are to you as from previous laxer experience, the paint scratching off on this Maverik model has not seem to affect performance at all.
  • Grip Wears Easily – Some laxers have made comment about the wear of the grip. It seems as if a few games in, you are bound to get some wear on the grip, as well as the paint. Just a heads up for you all.

Overall value – $89.95 off of Amazon

For us here at “OneStopLacrosse,” this is the most quality (for your dollar) defensive lacrosse shaft we could possibly find. There were tons of 5/5 star reviews on this handle, and the price was the most reasonable by far. Some laxers said they had 2-3 seasons out of this shaft! That means your PPS (price per season) goes down to about 45 bucks, or if you get 3 seasons, $30!That’s quite the sweet deal.

If you are a high school varisty player, GET THIS SHAFT. It’s not a tremendous investment (especially compared to other products here), and the quality seems to well exceed that of some other more expensive products. Can’t say enough about the Maverik H2 Defense Shaft.

STX Lacrosse Stallion 7000 Defense Length Lacrosse Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*The STX Stallion 7000 is constructed from high-strength 7000 series alloy
*One of the best selling shafts in the STX shaft line up
*Mild sandlast finish
*Available in black and platinum

Pros: The STX Stallion 7000 defense shaft is a good choice for defensive players. This shaft is sturdy enough to hold up in even the most intense battles against opposing offensive players. At the same time, it’s also light enough for you to make quick moves on the fly.

Potential Drawbacks: This isn’t the top lacrosse shaft for sale, but it’s far from the worst. This lacrosse shaft has no glaring weaknesses.

Player Feedback: Other players would recommend this shaft to you. They don’t claim that it’s the best lacrosse shaft out there, but they think it’s a good deal for the money. They say that this lacrosse shaft is a good choice for you if you value being able to move quickly. They also say that this shaft offers a good grip.

Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 Defender Lacrosse Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Warrior
*Platinum Grade construction; 2x stronger than standard aluminum alloy
*Zonal grip – raised in key areas from the bottom of the shaft up
*Ideal for those looking for extra grip, not extra tape
*Size: 60 inches
*Color: Gunmetal

Pros: The Warrior Platinum 14 is perfect for defenders who want a strong shaft with extra grip.

Potential Drawbacks: This shaft is 60 inches long. This is great for defenders because it increases their range for checking and covering offensive players. If you are an offensive player you should purchase a different lacrosse shaft, however, because using this shaft would make it very easy for you to get checked.

Player Feedback: Players say this is a great shaft for you if you like to play tough defense.

Overall Value:

The Warrior Platinum Tactical 14 is one of the top best lacrosse shafts for a reason. It’s an excellent choice for defensive players and is currently available for a reasonable $94.84. This makes it a good value purchase.

Brine F22-Lacrosse Defense Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Updated graphics on the best selling handle in the F-series family
*Multiple color options
*New high end 7001 series alloy is 25-Percent stronger than 7075 series
*Available in several colors including: silver, forest green, navy, orange

Pros: What is the best lacrosse shaft? We’d have difficulty choosing a winner performance-wise, but the Brine F22 would be number one in style. This is one of the best looking shafts we’ve ever seen. It also performs well due to its lightweight.

Potential Drawbacks: Picking your favorite color could cost you. This is subject to change, but there’s currently more than a $30 difference between different colors of the Brine F-22.

Player Feedback: Players praise this shaft for its looks. Parents say your child will appreciate this purchase because it’ll them to take the field with confidence in their appearance.

Overall Value:

The Brine F22 lacrosse shaft is a decent purchase at $105.00. Be sure to check pricing differences amongst the color offerings, however. As of now, the navy style shaft is on sale for only $71.00! If you can get this shaft for under $100.00 (by choosing a different color) it becomes an excellent value and a purchase we’d highly recommend.

Stallion SC-TI OCS Shaft by STX

Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Shaft Review


  • OCS – This stands for Optimized Cross Section. This type of design done by STX on this shaft adds additional material at the corners of the handle profile. This is intended to significantly reduce the amount of denting that happens to the shaft.
  • 5% Lighter than the standard Stallion Sc-Ti
  • 5.8 oz. 
  • Shaft Lock Technology – Intended to provide a stronger connection between the head and handle, this is meant to reduce that annoying head rattle
  • Mild Sandblast Finish – A great method of finish on the Stallion shaft, this mild sandblast texture makes it so you don’t necessarily need to tape up. Unless you want to.
  • Octagon Profile – The octagon design gives you a good amount more control when handling the shaft. It makes it easy to find a good spot to place your finger on the shaft.Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Shaft Colors
  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio on the Market – This is a really powerful statement, but from what we coulddig up it is true. The Stallion seems to be the strongest shaft for it’s weight.
  • Comes in Black, Gunmetal and Platinum Colors
  • STX “Limited WARRANTY” – Info taken from the… STX will replace unusable or broken products (or provide a replacement with equal value) that break or become unusable under normal playing conditions due to poor workmanship and/or material failure within:
    • 60 Days from the date of purchase of lacrosse heads (excluding chrome), handles (excluding AL6000 series) and goggles 

Player level/type –

We strongly suggest this shaft to only be considered by elite level players. First off, this shaft is quite the steep investment, sometimes reaching over the $200 mark. With that in mind, you need to be a serious, committed player who is prepared to put some money down for some quality gear.

The Stallion Sc-Ti seems to be an elite level defense shaft, and is made to stand up to a player who plays a rough style. You will see this shaft used at very high levels of play, many collegiate players are sporting these shafts, and as well elite high school players across the nation are as well.

Pros –

  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio on the Market – This was mentioned in the “Specs” section, but it’s something worth repeating. Owning the highest ratio of strength to weight means that this shaft is definitely one of the top of the top out there. If you are a serious high level player looking for the best you can get, it’s hard not to serious consider this STX shaft.
  • Used at the highest levels – There is little question that the Stallion Sc-Ti is a high performance, elite level shaft. The Stallion is a favorite of many collegiate athletes and serious high school laxers alike. This gives you some confidence in what sort of play this shaft could hold up to.
  • Durable Shaft – Rolling off of the last point, the Stallion is going to be a shaft that holds up to very physical play. STX built this shaft for use at the highest levels, and they improved this shafts strength while still subtracting some weight. As a defensive shaft, it has that highest strength to weight ratio, meaning that it will surely be able to take a beating without much consequence.

Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Shaft Silver

  • Not Widely Reviewed (A Bit Untested) – This STX Stallion Sc-Ti has not been all too highly reviewed. That’s why we did not feel confident placing the STX Stallion as a cover boy on our main lacrosse shaft review page (add link). We are confident it is a quality product; we just highly value the insight from previous customer experiences. It adds a little confidence to the buying experience.
  • High Investment – For such a high quality, high level shaft, it’s easy to see why you would have to much such a serious investment. That being said, we just want you guys to be cautious and aware, if you are considering this STX shaft, you will have to put down quite the penny.

Overall value – $229.00 off of

Like we have mentioned before about this model, the STX Stallion Sc-Ti is going to be a serious investment. We really believe that this is a high quality product, one of the best defensive shafts on the market, but with the lacking customer reviews we can’t give you guys %100 reassurance on what your experience with the shaft will be like. We love to go with the gear that we could point to hundreds of reviews for, but this shaft is not one of those.

However, if you are willing to put up the dollars, take a little risk, it’s hard not to believe you will be rewarded with this high performance shaft.

Warrior Dolomite Lacrosse Defense Shaft

Manufacturer Specs: Warrior Dolomite best lacrosse defense shaft

  • Made from Warrior’s Exclusive Ultra-High End Altium Alloy
  • The Dolomite shaft has the BEST Strength-to-Weight ratio of ANY handle in the Warrior line
  • 50% stronger than the Krypto Pro line of shafts
  • Used by top Division 1 & MLL players
  • “Tooth Fade” graphic
  • Warrior’s Best Seller for 2 seasons 
  • Traditional Octagon shape
  • 60-inch lacrosse shaft
  • Weighs 6.1 oz.

Available Colors: Black, Red, Royal

What Players are Saying about theWarrior Dolomite?

  • Extremely Durable Shaft – 

Players are saying that they can give out pokes after pokes and slashes after slashes and this shaft will hold up. Good for you, bad for attackers.

  • Very Lightweight for a D Pole Shaft – 

The Warrior Dolomite will definitely feel heavier than any of the other positional shafts (of course), but as far as standards go for how D handles weigh in, the Dolomite is pretty light weight. Players have taken notice. Players have said its the “lightest stick they have ever used.” 

  • Picks up Dents and Chips Easy, but Does Not Affect Performance – 

Some players have made note that the Dolomite will pick up some dents and chips now and again, but so will a lot of other shafts if you are throwing checks all day. Most players who noted this also said the minor scratches and chips did not affect the performance of the shaft.

  • Smooth Shaft, Tape Up if Needed – 

Warrior dolomite lacrosse shaftIf you are more comfortable with a shaft having some grip, you will probably have to tape this Warrior shaft up. If you prefer to play with no tape at all, consider one of the other shafts on the list, shafts with grip already on, like the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond shaft. If you prefer to play with tape, awesome, this shaft fits well for you then.

  • Actually Used at Elite Levels –  

Sometimes the manufacturers like to “hype-up” their products a little bit and say that they are used by college level and pro level players alike. However, with this shaft, the hype rings true. Some of the players who left feedback were in fact using this handle at the collegiate level.

For another look at the Warrior Dolomite Shaft check the video below via Total Lacrosse

Overall Value – $199.99 off of 

The Warrior Dolomite defense shaft is surely of high quality. This shaft has been around the sport for a while, and for good reason. Players keep buying them, and players keep liking them.

I think the Dolomite is reasonably priced and it’s a extremely durable shaft (50% stronger than the Krypto Pro series), while not picking up too much extra weight.

There’s no question elite level D players would get some killer use out of this shaft, just pay attention towards what type of grip you like (tape? Or, no tape?).

For another good look at the Warrior Dolomite, I strongly suggest reading up a little bit more, with a great review done by the guys over at 

Brine King Magnum Defense Lacrosse Shaft Brine King Magnum Defense Lacrosse Shaft Colors

 Specs –

  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio (For Brine Shafts) – The Brine King Magnum doesn’t hold the title of the STX Sc-Ti OCS, but for Brine shafts, the Magnum is the strongest, while staying lightest, of all the Brine shafts out now.
  • Diamond Blasted Texture – Good grip on this Brine model as well. Similar grips to the sandblast finished shafts and the Warrior Diamond, you might not have to tape up, unless you want to.
  • 60’’ Defense Shaft
  • Octagon Design – Adds a lot to your grip, makes for easy finger placement

Player level/type –

This shaft seems perfect for the defensive minded middies. It’s a lightweight shaft, leaving room to make quick plays, but also seems to be really durable.

This Brine shaft is a higher investment. It begins to take a step out of the middle range for shafts at $100 and makes it’s way closer to $150.00. This shaft is going to be for serious players, laxers committed to the defensive side of things, players in general who are willing to make an investment in their gear.

Pros –

  • Really really strong shaft – This Brine Magnum shaft is typically one of the strongest shafts that a retailer can offer you. While still maintaining a “lightweight” reputation, if you are hard nosed defender, making a lot of checks, this Brine model could be perfect for you.
  • Used by Professionals – D poles at the professional level frequently use this Brine model. Definitely reassuring, that gives you a little idea what sort of play the Magnum can stand up to.
  • Durable Shaft – This shaft was made to take a serious beating. Being one of the strongest shafts you can buy, you can expect to get for sure a full season of highly physical play out of this model, maybe even more.
  • Stands up to the weather – A lot of grips turn into your worst enemy when you find yourself in a game where the weather conditions are unfavorable. A few customer reports say that this Brine model grip remains consistent in any type of weather.
  • Not prone to dents and scratches – Defensive laxers who make the investment in this shaft usually end up loving it. This Brine model is so tough, we’ve heard that it would have to take quite the beating for it to pick up even the smallest dents and scratches.
  • Not one report of breaking “early” – This is huge, even for some serious high quality shafts, there are customer reports that say the shaft broke on them, way sooner than they expected it would. From our research, we could not dig up on customer experience where this Brine model busted on them prematurely.


  • For a defense shaft, not too many cons – It’s hard to find a lot of flaws in this Brine model if you are a defender looking to make an solid investment in some new gear. Granted, it is a little pricey, but seems to be worth the dollar.

Overall value – $150.00 off of

Brine King Magnum Defense Lacrosse Shafts

If you are a really committed, serious defender, the Brine King Magnum would be an awesome investment to upgrade your game. It’s strong, it’s light, and the grip seems to hold up really well in any condition. It is a little pricey, at $150, but if you have the ability to make this purchase, it’s hard for us to say you shouldn’t.

Gait ICE Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Specs-Gait ICE Defense Lacrosse Shafts Black and Silver

  • Scandium Enhanced Alloy C555 – This alloy is designed for a light but strong feel to the shaft. A very lightweight and strong material, just not the strongest out there.
  • Anodized finish – This type of finish gives the shaft a similar texture to the Diamond grip on the Warrior Krypto Pro. It adds a little bit of that extra texture.
  • Available in Black and Silver (for defense) – The attack model of the Gait Ice is available in quite the list of colors.
  • 60’’ Defense Shaft
  • Gait Warranty: 60 Days for Defense Shafts AND “Dings, dents, chips (composite), and scratches may occur during normal use and are not covered under warranty.”

Player level/type –

The Gait Ice defense shaft is perfect for a higher-level player (high school varsity). It’s not an extreme investment, at about $130, and seems to be a shaft that will stand up pretty well to some physical play.

Gait ICE Defense Lacrosse Shafts Silver

Pros –

  • Durable Shaft – This shaft has stood up to high levels of play for younger laxers for multiple years on end. Don’t be surprised to get a solid 2 seasons out of this Gait Ice.
  • Best Seller – The Gait Ice Shaft (both defense and attack) has been a best seller for a number of retailers for a few years now. That has to tell you something. People keep on buying these shafts.
  • Textured Shaft – The added texture of the shaft from the anodized finish completes the Gait ICE with a little extra grip. Some people end up taping their Gait ICE shafts anyways, others don’t feel the need to. It becomes a matter of personal preference.


  • Chips Pretty Easily – There have been a few reports of the Gait Ice handles chipping pretty quickly. None of these chips seem to affect the performance of the shaft, rather just the appearance.
  • Lower Popularity Brand – We are definitely not “slaves to the brand names” but what you find with the more traditional, or popular lacrosse gear brands is that they are more willing to stand by their products. With the more recognized brand names in athletic gear in general, more often than not, you’ll be given quality customer service if you have any problems.

Check out more talk about the Gait ICE handle with the guys of “Players Bench” 

Overall value – $129 off of 

The Gait Ice seems to be a pretty smart investment.

It’s a very popular shaft, it’s a best seller for a good number of retailers (mainly for the attack size shafts though), so there must be something to the Gait Ice that keeps laxers coming back. For a solid shaft that we feel you could get 1 or 2 solid seasons out of at a high level of play, the Gait Ice is a quality purchase.

Brine Swizzle Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft
Brine Swizzle Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft Colors


  • Available in Royal, Orange, Forest Green, Scarlet, Navy, Carolina, White and Neon Green Colors
  • Raised King Grip Pattern – The “Raised” King grip pattern was designed into this shaft to give you a bit of the tacky feel you get using tape, but without having to use tape of course. The grip is suppose to be placed in strategic locations where you would need it most.

Watch the video below to hear a little bit more about the grip of the Brine Swizzle.

  • Scandium Alloy – Quite the typically alloy used in a lot of lightweight but still strong shafts.
  • 60’’ Defense Shaft
  • Brine Warranty: From – “Lacrosse shafts are guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase” and related to the grip with this shaft…” Lacrosse shaft grip coatings are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase.”

Player level/type –

The Brine Swizzle is an elite level shaft. From the sounds of things, this Brine model is popular amongst higher-level defenders at both the collegiate level and the professional level. The price tag seems a bit steep, but this shaft can be found on clearance pretty frequently.

Pros –

  • Stands up to weather conditions – The raised grip pattern seems to stay consistent no matter the weather conditions. That’s good to know that the grip isn’t completely just for show.
  • Multiple Season Shaft – Some laxers reported getting multiple seasons out of their Brine Swizzle. That means your PPS (price per season) gets cut in half, making the Brine Swizzle a bit better of a deal.
  • Very Lightweight – A lot of laxers made comments on how light the Swizzle felt to them. This makes the shaft very accessible to the long pole middie, who needs to make a lot more quick shaft movements than the typical defenseman.
  • Used by Collegiate Laxers and Professionals in the MLL – Always a point of reassurance, it’s nice to see that this shaft is used by players who typically can recognize quality better than anyone else.
  • Durable Defensive Shaft – There were very few reports of denting, if any, the only really report on the question of durability with this shaft comes back to the paint. Although like you’ll expect us to say, the paint does not affect the performance level on this shaft, it just depends on how important that is to you.

Cons-Brine Swizzle Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft

  • Paint Peels Easily – For the most part, this seemed to be the main disappointment for laxers who purchased the Brine Swizzle. Apparently the paint can peel away in as little as a week. However, this does not seem to have affected the Brine’s performance at all. The laxers who reported the paint peeling, still went on to rate the Swizzle very well.
    • Don’t Buy White! Unless You Want Brown…One laxer said from their experience, when the paint went on their white Brine Swizzle, the shaft was left with more of a brown look than anything else. If you are considering the Swizzle, look for a different color than white.
  • Speaking of the grip being just for show…Some, not all of the laxers who bought the Brine Swizzle said along with the paint, the grip comes off pretty easily. One user said the grip comes off as easily as sliding your gloves up and down the shaft.

Brine Swizzle Scandium Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Overall Value – $100.00 off of 

Overall, we feel the Brine Swizzle to be a good handle.

However, in our honest opinion, if you have the cash, we strongly suggest you make the jump to the Brine King Magnum, maybe the peak in defensive shafts right now. But, if you end up finding the Brine Swizzle for a cheaper price, feel good about picking it up. This Brine seems to be a solid, durable defensive shaft.

Easton Stealth RS Ultra Light Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Built with the Highest Yield Strength (100 KSI) Scandium alloy, giving this shaft a higher level of durability and toughness.
  • Built with a THT100 alloy, the same alloy that is used in Easton Baseball Bats, scary right?
  • The shaft is given a “Friction Finish,” for some extra grip built-in.
  • Weighs 12.4 Oz. 
  • The Stealth is given a rubberized coating with raised texture, which gives it a soft and reliable grip.
  • Octagon Design 

Available Colors: Blue Charcoal and Silver

best lacrosse defense shaft

What Players are Saying about the Easton Stealth

The Grip is Not “All Talk”  

Players really enjoy the “sandpaper-like” grip that comes with the Easton Stealth. It seems to hold up for players in all weather conditions and keeps them from having to tape up.

  • Surprisingly Lightweight Shaft – 

This shaft has surprised players with how lightweight it is. Definitely something good to note for you defenders who like lighter weight handles.

  • Perfect for the Defenders, but LSM too? –

This shaft has found itself rather popular amongst the LSM crowd as well as the defenders. From that you can easily see that this is a lightweight, durable shaft.

  • Ridiculously Great Price for the Quality – 

Players are saying this Easton Stealth shaft is the best for it’s price on the market. A good price, a killer quality shaft, what else could you ask for??

  • Surface Level Scratches –

Just something to note that happens with all of these handles, you will pick up some scratches and dents but from the sounds of it, no worries, they will not affect your play.

Check the video viaTotal Lacrosse on the Easton Stealth Series of Shafts

Overall Value: $112.00 off of 

Although Easton has gotten out of making new gear in the lacrosse game, picking up their classic Easton Stealth would not be a bad idea.

Players have loved this shaft and it comes at an extremely reasonable price! If you want a solid shaft, that will do the job and more at the defensive end, I can’t recommend the Easton Stealth enough.

It’s always a player favorite.

Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly C60 XL Lacrosse Shaft


Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly C60 XL Lacrosse Shaft

  • 2015 Generation 5 Model
  • 60’’ Defense Shaft
  • Concave Design
  • Composite/Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • NEW Epoch Flex iQ system – This is really awesome. The new 5th generation Epoch Dragonfly can be personalized to your preferred level of flex, and preferred grip design. We go into this a bit further on our attack shaft page (link up), and we will be coming out with a post explaining this further soon.
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Available in Carbon Grey
  • The XL has %60 more Carbon Fiber than the Original C60 – This extra carbon fiber is placed in their for additional strength.
Epoch Gen. 5 Dragonfly C60 XL Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Here’s a look at the extra Carbon Fiber


Player level/type –

Made for true defensemen, and long stick middies as well. The 5th Generation Epoch Dragonfly is bit of a higher investment though, so any players seriously considering this model should be prepared to be making an investment in their new gear.

Pros –

  • Innovative Shaft – All the members of the 5th generation Epoch Dragonflies are paving the way for complete personalization to your shaft buying experience. That is really exciting to see. This C60 is just one of the models that you can choose from based off your personal preference. Take a look at the chart below.

Epoch Flex iQ Chart

  • Strongest of the Epoch 5th Generation – The C60 XL is the absolute strongest of the 5th Generation Epoch family. This shaft will be perfect for the defensemen who love throwing out a beating each and every game. This shaft should stand up to the most physical playing styles…no doubt about it.


  • Not a lot of Customer Feedback – This is something to be cautious about, but it’s important to keep in mind, it’s harder to pick up a lot of customer responses for the really high end shafts plainly because less people are buying these shafts.
  • Besides that…Not much else to say – These Generation 5 Dragonfly shafts really seem spectacular. With their level of “newness,” it’s hard to get some really feedback on how well they perform for the laxer like you. If you have been a fan of Epoch Dragonfly shafts in the past however, there is little chance you wouldn’t fall in love with this one.

Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly C60 XL Lacrosse Shaft

Overall value – $199.00 off of

This 5th Gen. Epoch Dragonfly C60 XL not only has a long name, but has a large price tag attached as well. Now this shaft, in fact, the entire 5th Gen. of Dragonfly shafts are a bit untested.

HOWEVER, we personally feel these shafts will live up to the hype and deliver for one of the highest performance shafts of 2015. If you are a serious defensive player, prepared to make an investment on some new gear, we’d love to see you try out the Epoch Dragonfly C60 XL

The guys over at put together a great review on the 5th Generation Epoch Dragonfly shafts…check it out for some additional quality info on these handles. 

Check the Video on the C60 XL from Epoch Lacrosse below: