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Practice Whenever You Want, with a Lacrosse Rebounder at Home!

Lax-wall, lacrosse rebounder, bounce back, or magical trampoline, whatever you want to call them, these babies are awesome practice tools to get at-home for the convenience of practicing whenever, and solo! college lacrosse players

The basis of lacrosse are simple: throwing and catching. Getting yourself a lacrosse rebounder, allows more time practicing the basics (without banging up your parents’ garage) and will be one of the quickest ways to improve your game.

The benefits are clear:

  • Get more time working on the basics, throwing and catching (become a more valuable player).
  • Work on these basics whether or not you have a partner to toss with.
  • Setup the rebounder in the backyard, and practice whenever you get a few minutes. The convenience is huge!
    • 15 minutes 4 times a day gets you a whole 1 hour of practice! Every day for a month? Get 30 hours of extra throwing and catching practice in, during 1 month, and you’ll be surprised how much better you get, and with seemingly small efforts!

Rebounders and Bounce Backs not your style? Check out our full page on the best lacrosse goals!

What You Should Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Rebounder, Bounce Back or Lax-Wall

When making any larger buying decision with your lacrosse equipment, there are some key things you should keep in mind!

This purchase isn’t any different. Vigilance is key!

  • Do I want or need a rebounder that is portable or easy to transport?

Very important point to think about! Depending on where you can plant your rebounder, you may want to be able to easily move it and store it away.

Most people don’t love letting the rebounders sit on the grass (kills the grass), or as well, like to keep their rebounders under cover when not being used as to extend their lifespan. The nets and frame can wear down with normal weather wear and tear.

  • What sort of material do I want my lacrosse rebounder to be made out of?

It’s my belief that the more heavy duty with rebounders, the better they will be. You don’t want to be afraid of how hard you are throwing because you don’t think your rebounder can take it…that’s not what helps challenge you.

Steel frames seem to be great. I’d advise to purchase as such, if you are shooting for longevity.

  • Have other laxers had good experiences with the rebounder (how do the reviews look!)?

Reviews are king! Of course you want to see if there are other laxers chatting about the rebounder or not. I’ve dug through a lot of the noise online for you to get you the digest you need.

  • How much do I want to spend?

Always an important item to consider! I’ll hit you with the most up to date price point for these rebounders on Not looking to spend more than $100? That’s fine! Check out our list of the cheapest lacrosse rebounders available now. 

  • What kind of player are you buying this for?

If you have a committed lacrosse player in mind, then perhaps investing in a higher end model will not be such a risk. Buying a rebounder for more of a beginner level player may need a different approach, something more cost effective.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


The 10 Best Lacrosse Rebounders on the Market (2016)

Alright folks here’s the short on what rebounders we advise, based on the following criteria:

Best Value: STX Double Sided Rebounder

Highest Reviewed: Champion Sports Pro Bounce Back Target

Not sold on any of those just yet? No problem, dig into our reviews below.

Take the time to sit down, scroll through this page, and make an educated buying decision!

Read our reviews below, get the bounce back shipped out, and be feared on the field.

Take a Look at the Top 10, and the Runners-Up!

We have some great rebounders to look at, below!

#1. Champion Sports Lacrosse Pro Bounce Back Target

This is what we are calling the best lacrosse rebounder on the market! Not a bad thing to say about this Champion Sports model at the moment….

The reviews on this product are great and there is a mountain of them. Most of them suggest that this model is not only good for beginners, but can withstand play from elite lacrosse players alike. This Lacrosse rebounder is good for all ages! The investment isn’t out of this world either. If I was to choose one lacrosse rebounder right now…I’d choose this one.

Not sold yet? No problem! See our in depth, full page review! (Below)

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#2. Ez Goal Lacrosse Rebounder 

This EZ Goal Lacrosse Rebounder has become a real hit! If Interested, I suggested buying as soon as you can. It’s selling out on Amazon all the time.

This rebounder seems to be really durable, decently affordable for the quality and without a doubt a great choice from this list.

This may be the bounce back you want! If you are unsure, click the link below to read our full review!

Click here to go to our full review of the Ez Goal Lacrosse Rebounder >>> 

#3. Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back

The Gladiator model here is super competitive in this top 3! It’s tremendously high reviewed, it ships fast it folds up and stores away…it’s holding it’s ground here in the top spots.

This model as well, like the Champion Sports Pro bounce back model is about middle of the road pricing. It’s not closing enough to $100, but not over $200.

Seems to be very long lasting, and the model that laxers are asking for!

Check out more details on the Gladiator lacrosse rebounder below.


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#4. Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebound Self Standing Wall Ball System

Me oh my! This is what the highest level lacrosse players are using. Take my word, you’ll see rebounders like this Brine model on the turf for college training sessions. If that is something that appeals to you, then maybe this is the model for you! 

It’s most certainly a top tier priced rebounder, but the quality should absolutely stand up. I highly advise that only seriously committed lacrosse players consider this model. Read up on this one, and make sure it’s an investment you are willing to make!

See our full page review below.

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#5. The STX Bounce Back

The STX Bounce Back is a model that gets into the higher tier of pricing. Although, I do feel that is lives up to this price tag. A really well selling model, and decently reviewed too, this model will be one that elite high school players could be practicing on. 

This rebounder has one of the largest rebounding surfaces on this list. It’s not going to be the most portable, but there are definitely ways to work around that.

Beginners, I’d stay away from this one, as it’s a bit more of an investment. Need more? Check out our full page review.


Click HERE to Go to Our Full Page Review of the STX Bounce Back >>> 


If you are looking for a rebounder right around $100…this may be your buy! You always need to be careful, you get what you pay for.

Don’t expect this rebounder to be last year after year. This thing will wear. But, if you are purchasing this for a new  laxer, and you don’t know if you are ready for the larger rebounder investment, this is a good rebounder to look into. 

Price in regards to rebounders is an interesting subject. Many of the top tier rebounders are going to be upwards of $200. Here is a model that is right around $100! For that, you are going to get a rebounder that is going to do it’s job, but will not be what college laxers are using. Like I said, this is a beginner rebounder, and for that you will get it at a very low cost!

Read our review below for more info!

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#7. Predator Sports Lacrosse Rebounder – Lax Wall

The Predator Sports rebounder here looks like a very decent model. The feedback isn’t abundant however, and here at One Stop Lacrosse that’s something that we take very seriously! 

Rather heavy, coming in at 70 pounds, this would be a rebounder that you’d ideally plant down. The assembly seems easy enough and could see this as a very competitive model in years to come as more feedback accumulates.

Top tier pricing, I would advise only higher level, committed players to think about investing in this one.

Get more details in our full page review below!

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#8. Champion Sports Bounce Back

If you are looking for a bounce back on the lower end of the price scale, this may be one of your candidates. Decently reviewed (not the best, but not the worst!), built with a sturdy frame and perhaps best suited for  younger players, this Champion Sports Bounce Back could be a good purchase for you!

Need more information? Great! Click the link below.

Full Product Review: Champion Sports Bounce Back >>>  

#9. Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse Rebounder

The Crown Sporting Goods lacrosse rebounder is a model that is coming on to this list late, but with an impact! Starting out at our #9, this rebounder has been reviewed really highly, is at a different shape and angle.

Definitely a high quality model, worth reading more about! See our full review below.

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#10. The Tekk Trainer Multi-Sport Rebounder

The Tekk Trainer Rebounder is coming in at our #10 spot! Not much just for lacrosse,  a multi-sport rebounder, we do think this model can definitely satisfy any lacrosse players training needs! 

The model is sturdy, has a unique, wide rebound space and will give you returns that match your throws to keep things game realistic.

Give it a look to see what we had to say!

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Conclusion: Rebounders, Bounce Backs & Lax-Walls, Oh My!

Well, there’s the current list on rebounders that we’ve accumulated over here at One Stop Lacrosse.

Didn’t find a rebounder that you’ve been looking at? Send us a line! And we will love to dive into reviewing the product for you, and handing out our best judgement.