The 2015 Cyber Monday Deals That You Can’t Miss Out On

Happy Cyber Monday Y’all!

It’s surely the BEST time to shop all year laxers.

First the Black Friday Deals and now we have Cyber Monday? These deals must be too good to be true!

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Cyber Monday Lacrosse Gear Deals:

STX Lacrosse Bounce Back Pass Master – 50% Off Right Now!

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“All athletes know that practice makes perfect Shooting and passing practice with both hands is one of the biggest keys to becoming an effective scoring machine for your team. The STX Lacrosse Bounce Back Pass Master challenges the lacrosse player to hit specific, targeted areas on the bounce back to heighten accuracy. The Pass Master fits easily over any lacrosse rebounder. Get your game on and be equipped to perform with the STX Lacrosse Bounce Back Pass Master.”


Get this training tool at the right time, and save!

AGPtek® 56 inch Speed Training Resistance Parachute Running Chute Power (Large)

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“When you use the drag chute to exercise, the resistance of the air will produce an backward drag force, so the faster you run, the greater the drag force. Through this exercise, can improve the ability of the user’s acceleration, muscle endurance, and enhance the ability to adjust the direction of the high-speed running.”

An awesome training tool for any lacrosse player!

Take advantage of this deal today!

EZGoal Lacrosse Folding and Tilting Rebounder, 8-Feet, Orange HALF OFF!

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“Promote your name by improving your aim with the EZGOAL Steel Folding Lacrosse Tilting Rebounder. This first-class training tool will quickly perfect your shot with its easily adjustable tilting rebounder for high pops, grounders and line drives. It’s built from optimum materials to ensure longevity throughout your career. The stable 1.5-inch-thick, 17 gauge steel frame has UV-protected mat that won’t deteriorate when left in the elements. Why would you leave something this exceptional out in the rain when its Rock Solid folding mechanism allows you to keep it anywhere.”

Perhaps the greatest training tool for lacrosse players out there! Currently half off, check it out and step up your game!

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Hope you find the deals that best suit you! Happy Cyber Monday shopping Laxers!