Chris Bocklet – Breaking Down Success in Lacrosse

Welcome to the “Picking the Brains of the Pros” Series!

What’s going on laxers?

I am extremely excited to announce the very first installment for a series which I hope will produce many more installments to come…

In “Picking the Brains of the Pros,” I will be doing my very best to breakdown what success looks like in the sport of lacrosse.

How am I going to do that? 

With each one of these posts, I will be interviewing a professional in the lacrosse industry, and asking them questions with the intent that you will be able to collect some real, actionable takeaways to incorporate into your training, or in-game approach IMMEDIATELY. 

This is an ongoing interview process with whatever pros, coaches, trainers, etc. I can get the chance to speak with.

With that being said, if you see some questions being asked that you think could be worded better, or if there are questions you would like to have added into the interviews please please please, leave a comment below the post, send me an email, or hit @1StopLax up on twitter! 

As well, if there is a particular player, or person in the lacrosse industry you would like me to get into contact with, speak your mind! I’ll do whatever I can to get the answers you want.

So Where is the Interview??? Chris Bocklet denver outlaws

For our inaugural interview, I was lucky enough to get to speak with Chris Bocklet, of the Denver Outlaws, a professional at the attack position.

The first interview in fact WILL NOT be published on our site here, but published on

This time around, on our site, I am only  introducing the series, and dishing out a little bio on our player of focus, Chris Bocklet.

Check out the brief bio below, and then going on over to for THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS BOCKLET.

Who’s Brain Are We Picking?

Chris Bocklet Denver OutlawsChris Bocklet – Denver Outlaws

  •   Position: Attack
  •   Height: 6’0’’
  •   Weight: 182 lbs.
  •   Birth Date: Aug. 6th 1989

Chris Bocklet was born in South Salem, New York.

After an awesome career at John Jay High School in Cross River, New York, Chris earned the rating as the No. 7 recruit in the country.

Chris captured All-American honors two times in high school, and was selected four times for an all-league spot. Chris not only played lacrosse, but became an accomplished football player as well, earning third-team All-State honors at the safety position.

Chris took his lacrosse skills to the University of Virginia, and ended his career as the fifth-leading scorer in school history.

In 2012, the Charlotte Hounds drafted Chris in the 2012 MLL Draft but soon traded him to Like this:

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