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This Q&A features questions answered by quite the list of Pros…

  • Tucker Durkin
  • Ken Clausen
  • Ryan Flanagan
  • Brad Self
  • Kyle Sorenson
  • Craig Bunker
  • Dan Burns
  • Logan Schuss
  • Chris Bocklet
  • Pat Smith
  • Dominique Alexander

This Q&A Spans 25 Whole Pages!

In this Q&A you will find over 25 pages of interviews we had with our list of professional players written in plain text for you to reference back to.

We ask the players 6 questions about lacrosse sticks. By the way, these questions were gathered from a number of our followers on Twitter who we polled a while back.

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Question #1. What is your preferred type of stick grip to play with?

– Ken Clausen: “I like to have some grip on the shaft which is why the Warrior Diamond is perfect.  A little friction between the glove and handle is what I’m looking for.”

Ryan Flanagan: “If I can find a handle with a sand paper type grip (i.e. the old Diamond handles), I will use that. Otherwise, they are all pretty similar. I tape about one-third of the way up the handle from the butt end to help with control.”

– Kyle Sorensen: “I tape my shaft with white medical tape (it is thinner than hockey tape) covering the entire thing due to having constant sweaty hands.”

– Brad Self: “I like something in the middle. I’ve always liked a little grip but nothing too crazy. I need my hand to be able to move but I don’t want it sliding up and down the shaft like crazy.”

– Dominique Alexander: “On my shafts, I use hockey tape. It’s really a personal preference for every player.”

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The other 5 questions we had pros weigh in on…

  • What is your favorite type of mesh to play with and why?
  • (For Defenders) What would you consider the most important characteristic to seek out in buying a new head?
  • For a high school level middie/attacker, what would be the most important quality they should look for when buying a new stick?
  • What is your favorite type of lax shaft to use?
  • If you could give your high school self one tip/piece of advice for getting the MOST out of the lacrosse stick you have assembled, what piece of advice would you give?